Sheila Layton started work in the sales recording office for Kay & Co Ltd in 1959, and remained with the company until she left in 1965 to have her first child.

In these audio clips Sheila remembers some of the fabulous fashions of the Fifties.

First, Sheila describes how women washed their petticoats in sugar-water, creating a stiff paper-nylon underskirt that provided the distinctive Fifties’ silhouette.

She also recalls how it was best to wear a waist slip under her net petticoats to prevent catching her stockings on the coarser fabric.

In this second clip, Sheila remembers some high wedge mules with a raffia daisy which she bought to go on holiday.  Recalling the feminine dresses which were all the fashion at the time, Sheila describes her favourite sundress.

Sheila reminisces about the smart and feminine dresses worn in the 1950s which she feels are a contrast to the fashions of today.

Finally Sheila remembers the lovely wedding presents which she received from colleagues at Kay and Co Ltd, and which she still uses today.