At Second Hand Rose we love vintage for all sorts of reasons. There’s the nostalgia for the past, looking back to the way things were and to the fashion eras of our parents and grandparents, and the personal nostalgia associated with that.

We’re also interested in fashion history and how by looking at designs and trends from the twenties onwards, you can see the cyclical nature of fashion and how iconic looks from the past continue to influence modern designers.

Vintage clothing on sale today, like the items sold by us, are one off pieces that were built to last. Wearing vintage clothing is also about finding and having confidence in, your own individual style. It’s inspired by the past, but when mixed with modern as well, you can create a look that’s all your own. You aren’t going to see many other people in the same dress/outfit as yours if you wear original vintage pieces.

It’s also a lot of fun to mix and match items from throughout the different decades. Many items are just all time classics. For instance: macs, denim jackets, faux fur coats, pencil skirts, pussy-bow blouses, or some wedge-heeled shoes, are just the tip of the iceberg of items that have been in fashion for 50 years or more. There’s variations in cuts and shapes of course, but it’s that longevity of classic style, as well the fun side of dressing up that appeals to us.

Blog post contributed by Jo Waterhouse of Worcester Arts & Vintage Events and Clare Bridge of Second Hand Rose, The Hopmarket, Worcester.

Jo and Clare have been very supportive to the World of Kays team, allowing us to rummage amongst their collection of vintage clothes, the better to understand the influence that wearing and handling the fashions of the day might have had on customers of Kay & Co Ltd.

Together, they produced The Ages in The Pages, a fashion show inspired by the images of the Kays Catalogues, which was commissioned for and performed during the Heritage Open Day event at the Commandery on 10 September 2011.  You can watch a film of the fashion show here.