WATCH World of Kays 1990s poetry animation by Matt Norris, student at University of Worcester

Drawstring sports casual
for logos about town
Hip hop craze condition
and a karaoke to own

Motif laden sweaters
Cordless, wireless electricals
This really was the decade
home-style became technical

Powered can openers
An all conditions Vax
A small midi system
programming all the tracks

Brackets hung your gadgets
straight from off the wall
Seattle grunge-look look-outs
sneered at the shell suit call

Ski pants and bed hair
Designer Kickers were in
Jumpsuits to DIY
Let the service begin

Leopard print underwear
Leather trousers and lace
Fake fur and silky satins
joined the track suit race

Pretty Woman inspired
Over-the-knee boots
All-in-one underwear
and power dressing suits

Label led the fashion
sold old-style polo shirts
Graphics printed T’s
And anything went for skirts

Models now turn towards
new internet horizons
A global shop front window
with handy price comparisons

Remember Amstrad computers
spawned home computing days
bought on saved commission?
Good old Worcester-based Kays!

Poem written by Brendan Hawthorne, 2011.
Based on reminiscences and responses from members of Worcestershire Association of Carers support groups.

1990s from Jonathan Lee on Vimeo.

Film of a 1980s fashion show produced by Second Hand Rose for our Heritage Open Day event at the Commandery, Worcester, on 10 September 2011