Brian Pooley was employed as a photographer in Kays studio in Worcester. He started in 1966 and worked there for 35 years. By the time he retired in 2001, he was the Studio Manager.

Brian and the in-house team of photographers specialised in ‘back of the book’ shots: photographs of the homewares, crockery, textiles. furniture, sport and leisure equipment and other items that Kay & Co Ltd sold as well as clothing.

The images were shot in the company’s photographic studios.  Brian explains here how the team would often have to build an entire bathroom ‘set’ to accommodate the shoot.

The team would pay great attention to detail, choosing items from local shops to complement the Kays stock on offer.  Here, Brian describes the amount of effort his staff put into dressing the set for the 1987 Spring/Summer catalogue shoot.  Even the model’s legs were specially selected:

Every single item in the catalogue had to look outstanding. Brian describes in this clip the amount of effort his staff put into preparing the bath mats for the 1987 Spring/Summer catalogue shoot.

Sometimes, his team could go too far in making the stock look good, as when they styled towels for photograph above!