Kays 1920s

WATCH World of Kays 1920s poem video animation by Matt Norris, student at University of Worcester.

Perfect style and finish
Fashion for all ages
Footwear for the nation
as we’re turning colour pages

Modelling the 1920s!

Stockinette security and
bowed back heels for glamour
for a Charleston dapper flapper
or fringe-look Cleopatra

Ladies glimpse their stocking
all tan shades of brown
Drop-waisted chic day wear
giving way to ballroom gown

Lace tied and buckled up
Bob-cut sense in broguery
Suits for all occasions
and accessorised gents hosiery

Home-help modern gadgets
Roll up baths and wringer-outers
The times are now moving on
for independent women voters

There’s a seasonal selection of
boots and uniforms for trade
Clothing for all professions
Hob-nails to silk slippers made

And for the modern family
see ‘Our Pet’ nursery raiment
Direct from cradle to washing line
dispatched on sterling easy payment

And as the smoker’s casual sweater
stares beyond the final page
Fashion seeks a new image
for an up and coming age

Poem written by Brendan Hawthorne, 2011.
Based on reminiscences and responses from carer support group members of Worcestershire Association of Carers. 

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