Kays 1930s

WATCH World of Kays 1930s Video animation by Matt Norris, student at University of Worcester

Matrons, maids and fancy dresses

The labelling of a time
Where each generation
had a start and finish
and thirty’s considered prime

Press stud pop up and
pull along jag-edge zips
A push on rubber button
for those in full make-up
blush and red gloss lips

Saucy sailor outfits
Sleepy eyed ‘Duckie Dolly’
Iconic gym slip look and
long line glamour
from the hills of Holly

Would elegant but cheap sound good?
Unbreakable velveteen?
Catering for all ages
for the best dressed
on the scene

Sporting fashion of 1933

Anyone fancy tennis?
Footer or golfing leisure?
Buy a tent for the British summer
Indulge the passion ofoutdoor pleasure

Ladies wave crimped hair
For men about town
short back and sides
Styling for the average gent
suits of blue, black or brown

Toys for all our days
handbags and trades tool kits
Tin plate bits of clockwork
run around the latest
hardwearing carpets

Foundry suit and cheap-line coat
Machine shop bib and brace
Rain capes for a cyclist
Passion-flame lingerie
and yards of wedding lace

Limousines and corselette
all for a Deco age
Character scarves from Disney
Affordable easy payment
when on a modest of wage

Long jackets and wide trousers
Gender stereotypes to endorse
Latest one-piece swim suits
and not forgetting the
to die for rocking horse

Poem written by Brendan Hawthorne, 2011.
Based on reminiscences and responses from members of support groups run by Worcestershire Association of Carers.


1930s fashion show from Jonathan Lee on Vimeo.

Film of a 1930s fashion show produced by Second Hand Rose for our Heritage Open Day event at the Commandery, Worcester, on 10 September 2011


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