Kays 1940s

WATCH World of Kays 1940s Video animation by Matt Norris, student at University of Worcester.

Just Like Daddy! The fashions of the 40s

Ladies are wearing the trousers
beneath real not fake fur coats
Getting into big band swing
Hooked on appearance and all it denotes

The liberty bodice contained vaporous Vick
Girdles were stretched to hold in tum
Tiny waists and sheer stocking tops
Fashion-vented to emphasise bum

Hats and gloves kept things modest
Eye up the button-hook utility shoe
Suspender belts and pointy bras
caused a little bit of a to-do

Quick release foundation wear
reduced classic hips and bust
Rayon crepe satin knicker sets
with nylon taffeta basque a must

Interlocking combinations
might have got you in the mood
This post war liberation tea set
will not be poo-pooed

With a button-up fly and secure braces
all men are trilbied Bogart in the rain
A moustachioed Colman with a smoke
waiting on the platform for a train

Like father like son matching suits
casual shirt and gabardine faun
Leather motoring coat with goggles
and gauntlets for honking horns

Family games and wholesome pursuits
Beauty products for all complexions
Whether in town or country
we signposted new directions

Poem written by Brendan Hawthorne, 2011.
Based on reminiscences and responses from members of support groups run by Worcestershire Association of Carers.


1940s from Jonathan Lee on Vimeo.

Film of a 1940s fashion show produced by Second Hand Rose for our Heritage Open Day event at the Commandery, Worcester, on 10 September 2011

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