Kays 1950s

WATCH World of Kays 1950s Video animation by Matt Norris, student at University of Worcester.

beat born jazz
collides with
rock n roll and
big knickered Auntie Flo
wears her harvest festivals
you know
gathering everything safely in

but bobby soxers wired out
full underskirts
taking care when sitting down
so that underwear
was covered up
and publicly never shown

high waisted
milk bar soda
summer holiday smiles
youthful fancy fabrics
anti shrink waffle
and no demise

‘Junior Miss’
junior high teenager
full of new found life
with puffed up sleeves
and velvet collar
jitterbugged and jived

and the guys wore
velvet draped
petrol Ted skin suits
drainpipe crepes
off the cuff and all
rockabilly zoots

two tone flecked and a
sturdy Mackintosh
when it rained
a new finish
festival fabric
that never creased or even stained

check it all out
hair and all
in a hand-held silver mirror
that reflected
an eight day movement
and a moment to consider

on the mantle a
MOSDA lighter case
is as ready as a rocket
for housing nicotine ignition
from easy access
inside pocket

when gents still had
dressing cases
as standard and by tradition
on Mondays
the Elfson wringer
wrought through the weekend mission

take a once a week
Bungalow bath
to galvanise public hygiene
kept by the dolly tub
in the outhouse
by the bin

remember re-sizing
those sibling roller skates
that hung above the standard trike
and when older
and when working
you bought a 3-speed bike?

until Friday follows payday
and the glad rags
are again rolled out
put memories on parade
dressed to the nines
in a dog-tooth swagger coat

Poem written by Brendan Hawthorne, 2011.
Based on reminiscences and responses from members of Worcestershire Association of Carers support groups.


1950s from Jonathan Lee on Vimeo.

Film of a 1950s fashion show produced by Second Hand Rose for our Heritage Open Day event at the Commandery, Worcester, on 10 September 2011

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