I Baggy That!

My two sisters and I used to love it when the new catalogue arrived (this was in the 60s). We would sit for hours playing ‘I Baggy’. We’d turn each page and quickly choose the thing we liked best, then point to it and say ‘I Baggy That!’. The quickest got to ‘baggy’ the best item, and the others had to rethink quickly (if we’d chosen the same thing) and go for the next best. It didn’t matter what the page was, ladies clothing, underwear, toys, jewellery, kitchenware, we’d eventually work our way through the whole catalogue. We also got into some intense squabbles about whose finger got to the best item first and who shouted first and if you pointed quickly but shouted slowly did it count and if you shout you have to make your finger point exactly at the right thing and not get your pointing a bit wonky so no one knew what you’d ‘baggied’ and……… well, you get the picture. We never got to buy the stuff we ‘baggied’, that wasn’t the point, we often didn’t want to (but sometimes it would have been nice, especially when it was toys and nice clothes). Occasionally Mum would order something from the catalogue and the excitement when the parcel arrived was immense- but most of all when I think of Kays, (or dare I say Grattans, and Freemans?) I think of ‘I Baggy That’.

A Contribution by Jane James

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