Happy memories

My mum was a Kay’s agent for many years during the fifties and through to the seventies,as children many of our clothes,Christmas toys and records were from Kay’s.we loved it when the new catalogue came through so well could look with envy at the many things we would love to get.I can still recall a particular outfit it was pink and navy and the models were set in a park scene with white bicycles,I wore and wore that dress. Mum being an agent got the occasional promotions to sell one in particular was a number of yellow rubber gloves,my father decide to take them to work to sell.Unfortunately my brother had decided to pierce all the clothes with a pin and when the wearer emerged them in water they leaked,poor old dad was very upset.on a Sunday night mum had to do her books and many a time she was cross as she couldn’t get the numbers to add upAs mum was an agent for many years she received a small Worcester plate as a reward,I will never forget those days of Kay’s catalogue and neither will my family,Kay’s helped us get the things we needed when money was scarce

A Contribution by Maria swann

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