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Creating the World of Kays

Creating the World of Kays. A short documentary about how the World of Kays project team created the web site and what we got up to during summer 2011. The film was made for us by Jonathan Lee, freelance film-maker. … Continue reading

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Why we love vintage clothes

At Second Hand Rose we love vintage for all sorts of reasons. There’s the nostalgia for the past, looking back to the way things were and to the fashion eras of our parents and grandparents, and the personal nostalgia associated … Continue reading

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What can you find in the Kays Catalogues?

This is a fantastic collection of images which highlights the social and cultural contexts of the 20th century. The catalogue images show the lifestyles that people were meant to aspire to. Someone who worked at Kays, informs me that the … Continue reading

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Let’s have a party with World of Kays!

Back in November when the festive season was imminent, finding inspiration for my first mini-exhibit for the University of Worcester’s Research Collections was simple. What better than to put together a glitzy party-themed display to help get people in the … Continue reading

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Catalogue of Dreams – a report on the World of Kays conference

  THE CATALOGUE OF DREAMS KAYS’ MAIL ORDER CATALOGUES & THE DEVELOPMENT OF C20TH ASPIRATIONAL LIVING 15 November 2011   Click here for Abstracts & biographies    Catalogue of Dreams, produced as the final major event of the JISC-funded Cataloguing Kays project, was … Continue reading

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